Commercialisation of extra virgin olive oils


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The production of olive oil uses very accurate methods for the processing, for the collection and the extraction of extra virgin olive oil.
The collection is carried out with adequate means of collection and with modern machines that are able to respect the correct times and ways.

produzione olio di oliva a Carpino
The company deals with all the phases, from the storage of the olives in the field, until the delivery to the oil mill for the extraction.
The company does not filter the oil but it is put at rest for the natural decantation, after that it is ready to be bottled.

100% organic
An oil that contains every scent and beauty of nature.

It is obtained from the cold pressing of the olives, followed at each stage, from the harvest to the squeezing, following every passage relative to the production in a meticulous and attentive way.

The company Olii Carpino S.r.l. sells organic and flavoured olive oil; among the different aromas there are also citrus, lemon and orange.

Flavoured oils are obtained with natural and of organic farm citrus fruits. The products are fruity, sweet and green in colour.

Our company is immersed in greenery in an exceptional location, between the hills and the sea.


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