Olii Carpino S.r.l.


Our story

The company Olii Carpino S.r.l was born in 2015, but since the 70’s, people who founded the company have had experience in the production of oils. The activity is located in via Europa, 37 in Carpino and is immersed in the green between the hills and the sea.
Carpino S.r.l. produces, sells and commercialises Italian extra virgin olive oil and is also specialized in natural flavoured oil, directly ground with spicy olives.

They are all natural and organic products.
Olii Carpino S.r.l makes packaging, labelling and bottling of oil both in classic glass bottles and in aluminium cans of all sizes, more suitable to be transported safely and more easily.
The company does not carry out bottling and packaging also on behalf of third parties; the packaging is important since the company ships the product all over the world.
The company Olii Carpino S.r.l. begins the process that will then lead to production in October, and then conclude the trial in January. After this period entirely dedicated to the production process that goes from collection to obtaining the product, in the following months we dedicate to packaging.

The oil of our production is preserved respecting all the necessary measures to not affect the organoleptic characteristics of the product obtained.
The company Olii Carpino S.r.l. has a warehouse in which buried steel tanks have been installed, in this way the oil will remain at a constant temperature and will not undergo any change in terms of taste and integrity.

Our olives, used for the marketing of oils, both flavoured and classic, are treated with the technique of cold pressing with a very accurate mechanical process that ensures optimum results of the final product.

Olii Carpino S.r.l. Carpino