Condiments for flavoured oils


You can choose your favourite among many tastes

Our company Olii Carpino S.r.l. in addition to the classic extra virgin olive oil, for some years has also specialized in the production of flavoured oil to satisfy even the most demanding palates and those who like to experiment.

Keep alive the flavours of our grandparents, emanated from essences that belong to a tradition, to a peasant lifestyle.
Ancient gestures, slow, moving to the wind, between the melts of trees that live different epochs.

Rough hands, marked by fatigue and love for our product.

A thread that joins the past to our present.
Interweaving of age, textures of new generations, woven from a single spirit, love for one's own land and for its own products.
An oil produced following all the traditions from the early stages, from the choice of olive trees to cultivate, to the cultivation techniques that we choose for a production of excellence, to the choice of cold pressing to preserve intact all the organoleptic properties of the olives and bring them to the table of our customers.

Our flavoured oil keeps the taste of a good extra virgin olive oil, full-bodied and tasty but added, from something more and that is the fresh and authentic aromas.
Ideal to taste on croutons of toasted bread or to season the grilled vegetables or a green salad.

Our oil comes in all flavours, oil with spicy pepper, basil, lemon, orange, garlic, rosemary, with white truffle and black truffle.