100% Italian extra virgin oil


Love and dedication

Our company produces only 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil; an extra virgin olive oil that contains every scent and beauty of nature.
It is obtained from cold pressing and followed in every phase: from harvest to production, from the choice of the product arriving in oil mill until bottling, and finally on arrival on your tables.
This production is also an engine of the economy of that area along with the other agricultural products. In addition to the indisputable goodness of the product there is also a folk tradition linked to the collection, squeezing and production of oil.

Our love for the countryside and nature have made us make a choice of life dedicated to our olive groves. They are cared for with love and dedication to give each year a unique and recognizable product, an Italian excellence of which we are proud.

Inevitable in a Mediterranean diet, an oil that exalts all tastes, both the simplest and the most complex. A sincere taste that helps to amalgamate the dishes and to exalt the simplicity of the products of the Earth.

Our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil is also excellent to use during the cooking of the food, considering the highest smoke point compared to seeds oil.