100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from organic farming


Quality and passion

It seems almost to hear them among the noise of the machines, the voices of the wise men who, with passion, have always produced intense essences. The strong smells of that freshly squeezed gold, of that wet bread of an intense green colour, the first taste of the work’s fruit of the whole year. We cannot forget the fatigue of our ancestors, the care thanks to which they could savour a unique product that today we offer to you.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil represents for us the green gold, the product that has accompanied us for a lifetime for several generations.
The love for our land and for good and genuine things led us to make a choice that led us to organic, for this reason we decided to dedicate ourselves with such a passion that has always distinguished our work and the end result of our labour: organic extra virgin olive oil, a real delight for the palate.

Our customers have always chosen us for the care of cultivation and passion for what is not only a job for us; our customers recognize the full bodied and persistent taste of our extra virgin olive oil, especially freshly squeezed, you get a very dense product, a bright green and a little spicy flavour that is surely not pleasing to all but that characterizes a young oil obtained from the pressing of organic olives.